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This is the proverbial "IT".  The one that started it all.  Back in the wee early days of BOTP, it was nothing more than a story about members of the Metroid Database and how they became involved with killing each other for an inane prize.  This is actually the only BOTP that was not moderated by me and my cronies.  Instead this was the brain child of Billy Chilly.  The story was simple.  Take a bunch of misfits... Throw them on a planet... And watch them kill each other for some stupid prize.  BRILLIANT!
Take BOTP1, and add a bunch of EVIL.  BOTP2 had it's fair share of villains.  From Kral to Zazuke, from the Silence to Ms.Blonde, and of course the evil bastard of all bastards, Emperor Darvos.  Think of BOTP2 as the "Empire Stikes Back" of the BOTP universe...except in this case the Empire just Struck.  This BOTP also has the DUBIOUS honor of having been the origin of the infamous "Bubba the Monkey Award for Extreme Shittiness"...thank to a one Bubba the Monkey.
A continuation of BOTP2, this one picks up shortly after with the survivors of the last BOTP plotting to oust the Emperor.  A LOT of new participants were inducted into the BOTP pantheon of posters this go...about 2 of which stuck it out.  The culmination of BOTP3 is not just the end of the Empire, but also the last time Billy Chilly was a participant.  He was retired in an explosion while stomping the Emperor's balls flat...he would have wanted it that way.
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Yeah...Not one of the favorites as far as BOTP's go.  This one was basically thrown out there to sever all ties with the "increasingly overrun with flamers" MDbMB.  We felt the need to tie up all the loose ends from the past 3 BOTP's into one neat little package.  The bad thing was that the character profiles became so obsessed with stats and special powers that little personality was included.  The story turned out good despite the difficulty.
Semenai de... Kesanai de... Makenai de...  It's cheesy anime rip off time on BOTP Land!  This time our intrepid participants find them selves in a race to find the one and only "Galactic Leyline" which will give them anything they desire.  Probably one of the most unabashed Outlaw Star knockoffs you'll probably ever see outside of Dojinshi made from it.  All in all it was an excuse not to have the MDb World in a BOTP and try and recapture the giddy mess that was BOTP1 even down to the original stat sheet for the characters.  The story ended up being good, but not living up to the caliber of ridiculousness that the first BOTP had.
A hideous evil entity, thing, has taken over the once pristine planet of Vol.  But events have been set in motion that could change the fate of Vol. Something big is about to happen... something that could change the fate of the planet forever... for better or for worse.  BOTP6 makes the final chapter in the Battle of the Posters saga.  All things said and done, this was probably by far the best of them all story-wise.  Stats were reduced to a simple profile about who the characters are, what they do, what they look like, how they act, and a little of their history...completely abandoning the old stat sheets of old.  It may not have been the fastest moving BOTP, but it ultimately had a far deeper and more interesting story.
NeoSeattle, capital of the world, and birthplace of the infamous BioSuits. As to eliminate future threats, the World Order has announced that a tournament be held, an effective lure to those the Order would rather see dead or perhaps made into the groundwork for the next generation of BioSuit soldiers. BOTP7 is much like its predecessor in the sense that the setting works to limit a character's physical nature, only to a greater extreme. The restriction is even greater in regards to location, the city of NeoSeattle (the size of all of Washington state) and its borders making up the arena. Given that previous BOTPs had spanned entire worlds, and occasionally even systems, this change provided a new challenge to the writers. For a while BOTP7 was considered the 'BOTP that never was,' though its spark has been rekindled as of recently. The battle for NeoSeattle can no longer be denied.
It's an intergallactic treasure hun the likes of whick not even Monkey D. Luffy has ever seen. Seings from all over the universe converge on the mysterious Planet-X to discover the treasure or treasures within.
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Long forgotten in the deepest reaches of space, the garden awaits.
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