Battle of the Posters II: Rise of the Dark Empire
Dark Forces Set In Motion
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Last Updated: July 9 2005

The stage has been set...the natives have gotten restless once again.

The inhabitants of the MDb world have always been an unruly lot.  It has been less than six months since they waged a tournament-style war against each other, to which there was no victor.  Yet, they will still fight against each other given the right price or prize.

New fighters will join those who remained on the field of battle to fight for the prize.  A prize which only the almighty demi-god and supreme deity of the MDb world can grant access to...the sacred platinum statue of Samus.  This statue is of Samus holding a baby Chozo is said to have run with true Chozo blood, a substance which can grant untold and unknown power to the drinker of it.

Eleven souls have come here for various reasons, but they will soon become embattled for the prize, but only one shall be granted access to it.....


Billy Chilly: The mad super-genius from the arctic wasteland.  Entered out of boredom and to test some new equipment.

DamnGlitch: A virus which has taken humanoid form, DamnGlitch seeks to destroy his nemesis B70n.

FireNexus: A orange-crystalline being who is seeking his brethren to stop an evil entity known as "The Silence".

Insane Space Hunter: The misfit bounty hunter from Earth.  No one really knows why he's involved in this mess, even him.

Kejardon: The gentleman warrior who has entered for his own personal reasons.

Max: Sent by Sword Bearer to take his place in the battle, Max is just in it for the hell of it.

Outerverse: Drawn back to the MDb world by an ancient and mystic sword, the silent warrior searches for the reason as to why the sword brought him back here.

Pokekid86: Entered in by Sasuke1986, Pokekid86 fights for his leader.

SimBen 2: The original SimBen has been copied and now SimBen 2 has come to the MDb world to complete SimBen's programming: eliminate any trace of the first 10 cyborgs.  SimBen 2 is the 12th cyborg.

Super Joe: Contracted by Captain Commando, special forces commando Super Joe has been sent so that CapCom could win the prize without actually having to enter himself.

Yamato Man: Sent by Dr. Wily to explore the MDb world and retrieve any technology that could help to defeat MegaMan.

MadScienticeT2000: Has arrived on the MDb World to research new technology and to find someone, but he will also have to find himself along the way.

Bubba the Monkey: He's here, just deal with it.


Now the time has come to stand again and fight...