Battle of the Poster 3: Revenge of the Posters
All Hell Breaks Loose
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The battle for the fate of the MDb World has begun.

Emperor Darvos, evil galactic terrorist and now the supreme ruler of the MDb world, was thinking more highly of himself than usual. It had been about 3 months since the attack that overwhelmed the world. Darvos was now literally a god himself, and no mortal being could ever destroy him. Only TJ can do that.

Darvos had constructed his lair right at the top of Mt. Metroid, the scene of the first invasion. It being the highest point in the entire galaxy, made the perfect spot for an impenetrable fortress. At one time, there had been a massive labyrinth of tunnels below the great mountain, holding all of the great god TJ's shrines and mystical materials. However, Darvos had had them all destroyed.

The once great MDb world, filled with tons of natural and man-made resources, now was for the most part, a barren wasteland. Great forest had been cut down, rivers dried up, the rich soil of the land blown away long ago. Even the atmosphere itself was withering away, and the sun scorched the land.

Darvos had shocktroops positioned all over the great world. These troops literally were "shock" troops, as their appearance was indeed, very shocking. The guards were nothing more than walking, talking mosquitoes, the same disease-carrying pest that plague planet Earth, only the size of a human, of course. Suited out in high-tech armor and equipped with a space shield and laser rifle, these mosquito guards looked very menacing, although in reality, they are easily dispersed.

TJ, the noble ruler of the MDb world, now in holding by Darvos, was presumed dead by all existing rebels. He is, in fact, very much alive and well. The corrupt leader needed TJ, for without him, Darvos would never be able to unlock the secret realm which contained the mythical Chozo Blood. If Darvos had it in his power, not even TJ would be able to destroy him.

There is, however, one safe haven in the MDb world. The Unnamed Artic Wasteland, residence of the chilly hilly, which has been housing all the known rebels since the last battle. The small band of rogues have not taken lightly to Darvos intrusion on their once-peaceful land, and will do what ever it takes to stop him.

These rebels, along with a few newcomers, make up the band taking on an empire, in the third installment of the Battle of the MDb Posters!


The fate of a world rests on the shoulders of a few...