Outlaws: Battle of the Posters 5
Interplanetary Hijinx
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The Battle of the Posters universe is a strange one filled with many weird worlds, many weird inhabitants, and many weird legends.  One might say "The whole damn thing is weird" and they would be correct.  Despite the best efforts of the Galactic Federation, a lot of inhabitants operate outside the law.  Some criminal, some vigilante, some anarchist, all OUTLAWS.

After being rocked by a series of small wars (which really had no purpose other than boredom) on one particular planet all sorts of new legends began to pop up.

One in particular is called the "Galactic Leyline" (yes the very same one from the anime Outlaw Star)* which is a focal point where reality could be reshaped into whatever they desire.  For one reason or another, these few have decided "I will be the sole possessor."  BOTP begins again.


* So we borrowed the story for our own purposes, it's not like we're the first to do so.  Just look at the MIFF. :)