Shattered Worlds: Battle of the Posters VI
New Planet, New Evil
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Planet Vol.
The very image of utopia.

The landscape of Vol is idyllic and dreamy; endless green expanses with large, majestic trees that sprout their proud laurel crowns to the life-giving Kerra, Vol's sun. Bright ultraviolet flowers fill the air with a thin, perfumed scent, natural and beautiful. There is no pollution on the planet Vol.

On Vol life is perfection. War is a thing of the past. Political strife and "big business" are unheard of. One leader in a single citadel on the planet rules all the cities on Vol, and this king serves his people with equality in mind, treating his subjects with the utmost fairness and understanding.

Vol's current king, Lord Justification of the Third Generation, is the oldest king that the planet has ever had. He is extremely wise, and makes reasonable and just laws for the people of Vol to abide by, which they do without question. The Volfolk are inherently good and responsible people.

However, good cannot exist without evil... and Vol is no exception. An underground cult, calling themselves the Horsemen, despises the "perfect" way of life on Vol, claiming its perfection to be imperfect, and wishes to assassinate the Lord and replace him with a new leader.

This new leader, an ancient evil spirit known only as Nex, would rule with an evilly clenched fist, destroying all who opposed him. This was the Horsemen's goal.

Nex was to arise from his millennia-old tomb on Vol's 8008th anniversary of peace, and could only take a tangible form if the most powerful being on the planet was killed and sacrificed to Nex, so he may have a body to possess.

On that new year's eve of 8007, the Horsemen stormed Lord Justification's peaceful citadel, slaying him and dragging him out of his throne room amongst mass confusion and hubbub. His lifeless body was taken underground, to the Horsemen's sacred altar. They carved Nex's sigil into his chest, and on the stroke of 8008, Nex entered the world. The Lord's body was transformed from the frame of an old, frail man into a powerful, pitch-skinned demon, five stories tall, with great gnarled horns flowing up from the crest of his forehead and down his back. His eyes burned with the piercing red flames of Hell, and his godless shrieks of pained retribution shook the very spirit of planet Vol itself.

But something had gone horribly wrong in their incantation and the Horsemen didn’t receive the ruler they had had hoped for, but instead got a destructive demon bent on laying waste to all. In less than three hours, Nex had nearly obliterated the entire civilization of Vol, crushing town after town in a blind, sourceless rage, slaughtering hundreds of thousands, taking every single life he possibly could. The only survivors were the ones who hid underground, away from Nex's sight. All that remained of Vol's largest cities were partial skeletons of buildings, furniture scattered here and there, and shadows of trees, standing pillars of ash without the luscious green plumage they once bore for Volfolk young and old. The smoke from the fires and the dust from the demolition blocks Kerra's life-giving rays from reaching the ground, and the green expanses turn into dusty wastelands, where the once affluent flowers of Vol cannot live, their perfume absent from the air and replaced by the horrible stench of burning wood and flesh, acrid dust and ash, and the constant agonizing sound of suffering Volfolk.

Nex was uncontrollable. He destroyed any lifeform that dared present itself in his line of sight, no matter how small. No living being was spared from Nex's unfounded wrath... not even the Horsemen. Upon realizing their tremendous blunder they turned on Nex and were promptly slaughtered, save for a half dozen or so. They managed to use the same sigil that brought Nex to their world against him to send him back to the unknown from whence he came. But Nex had become too powerful to be sent back completely. He fought back violently until the Horsemen were no more. The ordeal had left Nex imprisoned in a human-looking form and drained of his powers. He bided his time, slowly building his powers to take over Vol. Also during this time, a new order of Horsemen had formed and taken up his cause. Once he had gained enough power he led the Horsemen in a violent insurrection. Nex accomplished the task for which he was summoned in the first place; he was the absolute ruler of all Vol.

To cement his rule and drive fear into the masses, he had a tremendous citadel constructed. It was a mass of stolen alien technology and those that were still available on Vol. At the heart of the citadel rose a tremendous black spire that pierced the clouds high above Vol. The Horsemen carried his will to the far corners of the world and rebellers were swiftly dealt with. The people have been reduced to abject poverty and reduced to live in small rural villages and huts. Those “loyal” to Nex were allowed to live in cities, though technologically primitive to Nex’s citadel.

Rebellers no longer were save on the surface of Vol due to Nex’s omnipresent eyes. They moved to a place where Nex could not see them, underground. Regularly, the rebellion would attack Nex's citadel and the Horsemen would drive them back again. With their magic and superior technology, the Horsemen easily fought them away, time after time again. It seemed that the Volfolk were doomed to a life of fear and hopelessness, confined to a life of squalor and surrounded by corruption.

It’s now the year 8108 on Vol and Nex’s rule is absolute. The planet is had been slowly drifting into decay and Nex grows weary of Vol. He has begun to turn his eyes to the starry night sky and ponder questions of what lies beyond and how he could conquer it. But even now events have been set in motion that could change the fate of Vol. Fate works in mysterious ways at times... but there may still be hope. Something big is about to happen... something that could change the fate of the planet forever... for better or for worse.

The Shattered World: Battle of the Posters VI