Interactive Worlds: Information and Data Center
Recent Updates
New Site & BOTP7 Back again! - August 13, 2006
First off, the site's in the process of being brought back together from it's component pieces.  Things will eventually have a unified look and feel.  Some of the sections still need a face lift and completion (what else is new?).
We weren't going to do a BOTP7 after some major mistakes made by me causing the whole thing to crash three times.  But with the lack of interest in TOU right now, I thought it would be a good idea to clean slate and start BOTP7 from the beginning.  Everyone involved with it last time seemed to agree.
So Long and Thanks For all the Fish - September 14, 2005
There was originally going to be a BOTP7, but because of problems and general lack of interest there never officially was one.  The BOTP has come to an end as it was before.  I have passed the torch to Badger and Sasuke to come up with what will replace BOTP.
The last official act for Battle of the Posters will be to finish archiving the six BOTP's and "GIT R DONE".
As for the next incarnation of MIFF/BOTP, keep an eye out on the old BOTP Forums as to what the guys have planned.
One Down...Five To Go! - December 23 2004
I have achieved an ABSOLUTE 100% completion of BOTP1's section.  Everybody's profiles including dab, Piccolo, and CapCom are up there.
In other news.  I went ahead and put up the templates for all the subsections, changed the subtitle of BOTP2 (due to that it wasn't solely about the empire) and got BOTP4's up and looking swank.
BOTP6 is wrapping up slowly and plans of course are being made for BOTP7.  Hell, I even came up with a tentative name for it: The Battle for NeoSeattle.  Go check the logo out!
The new look of BOTP (take3) - December 20 2004
New logo is now up.  It looks a lot more professional than the old one I had up.  Also there hasn't been much action on the site as I have been spending more time writing than webmastrering.
The new look of BOTP (take2) - August 24 2004
I wasn't happy with the BOTP logo I put up last time so I changed it to one I made back when I was WAY too much into WWE RAW.  But I likes it, even if it is inspired by wrestling. XD  I also changed the color scheme to match.
Also, I finally am working on FIXING the skin on the board, so that should be finished be the next BOTP. :P
The new look of BOTP - August 06 2004
BOTP6 is in full crawl (as usual) so I've been bouncing between the Info Site, posting stories, and working on Shadowmark.  I haven't changed MUCH yet as I'm planning on doing only one section (plus the main site) at a time starting at BOTP3.  I've also instituted a pseudo-tabbed browsing solution to cut down on clutter.
As always, BOTP6 isn't over and I'm already looking at ideas for BOTP7...but you know that already.
Also you may notice some of the links on this page have been removed or don't match what they say they point.  This is mainly due to some sections were eliminated and most URLs had to be changed to so keep this in mind.
IDC5, You've lost that lovin' feelin' - February 17 2004
With BOTP6 looming just over the horizon [look! see it there?] I'm frenzying myself with the IDC.  I've moved all the old version 5 pages over but am still reformatting them to version 6.  So the link to ye old IDC is now gone, gone, gone whoa o oh oo ooh [now you see the tie in to the title of this post?].  Okay so my puns are bad.  B-b-b-bad to the bone.  [he he]
Now stick this in you pipe and smoke it.  I'm managed to get Wave Man back in the fray and SimBen to agree for another BOTP round...all is going according to plan!  WHA HA HA HA!  *Ahem*  Now if we can track Insaney's nappy ass down we'll have all the classic members.
If you're reading this and you haven't signed up...DO SO DAMNIT!  What's wrong with you people?
And remember our motto: Life...Death...BOTP in between.
FULL TILT! - January 12 2004
Hotdamn!  The BOTP1 site is now 100% complete.  Now the BOTP2 site is being worked on.  I'm not going to bother with the archives until I damn well feel like it.
As for the next BOTP, the framework is up and the logo is FINALIZED!  February 1 WILL be the sign-in date and March 1 WILL be the start-up date!  Now can you dig that THAT suckas?!
Gearing up for Shattered Worlds - January 06 2004
Well we're getting ready for the next BOTP.  This time I've conscripted Badger to be my right hand since the other crew have become so damn hard to contact or pin down.  For signup we're shooting for February to start taking submissions and March as the start date.  As for why it's not the usual crew, sadly they have been insanely hard to get a hold of lately.  I've read Badger's works and they really good once he gets focused on ONE idea, so I decided to give him the creative control this go...Though he's still not going to be a BOTP Admin. :)  Basically I'm going to take a more administrative role this go and concentrate more on the goings on instead of the setup of the story.
A few notes about Shattered Worlds.  It does take place in the same universe as the other BOTP's but it's back to being set on one planet, this time called Vol.  While the initial details of the plot are still being hammered out, we will have some location rules.  Pastoral/Medieval towns are inherently GOOD, New Technology towns are inherently EVIL, and Ancient Technology towns are inherently NEUTRAL.  The main boss's town is a super-techno core of evil.
Should all things go right, this will become "Episode 1" in a new Shattered Worlds series, much like the MDb World Wars.
AS FOR NEWS ABOUT MY PROGRESS ON THE SITES...I have none.  First, I had a hard-drive problem with the partition I kept all the stuff on...losing a majority of the work I had accomplished. Next, I usually work late hours at my job so I've been too pooped to update.  Thirdly, I got a new computer and have been getting that set back up.  Third, I usually work late hours at my job so I've been too pooped to update.  And finally, someone tried to hack Fuitadnet so they removed all of the passwords for the all of the accounts they host...I didn't find out until just a few nights ago.
Papa's got a brand new bag! - July 24 2003
As usual, I've taken it upon myself to redo the site again.  This time I'm going with what I know works and reviving the old setup from the BOTP2/3 days.  Just note, that I will be adding the sections as I complete them.  Until then continue to use the old IDC for the missing sections.
TNBT Update - April 27 2003
I've updated the TNBT section with what has been discussed so far.  Also, on a side note...the title has been taken down as that was just an idea for the logo.  Right now you'll see a similar logo but with "The Next Big Thing" instead.
The Next Big Thing - April 19 2003
Okay so far the main theme has been decided.  The new story will be more fantasy based but with a dash of tech along the lines of Final Fantasy VI or Chrono Trigger.  Since this time it's fantasy based, I though a change in name might be in order.  Right now I've come up with the name Legend of the Posters for the time being.  Also right now since the regulars & staff are still working out the details of the plot, I decided to use what has been thrown out there so far and called the first installment Legend of the Posters: Deliverance From Evil.
Tentatively we're shooting for a Fall 2003 start...but as always The Next Big Thing can change at any time so keep a watch on the TNBT section.
Hello, all - April 05 2003
Posted by: The Insane Space Hunter
I'm back in... black and red, or so the story goes. Whilst Outerverse is busying himself with the completion of BOTP3 & BOTP4, I get the task of doing to BOTP5 whatever warrants doing. Adding content, finishing all the sections out, that sort of thing. Also on the list of tasks is stripping the EZBored crap out of the BOTP2 Board Archive (which I never got around to doing, oops). So I'll be busy for a while.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
Long Time, No Update - March 23 2003
Well, work on yet another Info & Data Center make over is progress, again.  Now that BOTP5 is over, I really need to complete BOTP3 & 4. :P
News is News is News is... - January 20 2003
Work on the Info & Data Center continues to progress.  BOTP3 is now has all it's pre-makeover content back along with 1/4 of the story pages made over for the IDC5.2 format.
In other news, The Insane Space Hunter is back and will be updating the BOTP board archives by stripping the EzBoard crap out.
New IDC...again - January 04 2003
Work has begun to revamp the IDC yet again.
Happy New Year/ Happy New BOTP! - January 01 2003
Happy New Year and all that jazz!  Outlaws:BOTP5 sign-up has began!  Now I'm working on a yet another new IDC.  I hate the current setup.
New staff member! - December 23 2002
Agreeing to host the BOTP Soundtrack for us, Badger has been named official BOTP Audiophile.  Hooray!
It begins again! - December 22 2002
Dates for Outlaws have been set.  Sign-up begins Jan 1 2003 & the action begins Feb 1 2003.  The board is just about ready to go by this point with just the colors left to be worked out.
As for the story, it's a rip-off of the Outlaw Star anime.  It seemed the most appropriate for the name.
BOTP Info & Data Center: BACK on! - November 10 2002
We have finally gotten hosted!  The entire whole of IFF World, which includes BOTP, has been moved to!
We also have a brand new board here.  However, as to save on space we have combined with MIFF (BOTP's parent IFF) and Sword Bearer's Colatol Galaxies.  (Link: IFF World: The Board)
Well, Outlaws still has no set start date but it appears as though the rules have been completed.
Deconstructing the IDC - October 21 2002
So what's new this go around?  Well BOTP4 is long since over.  The site's being redesigned, as well as the Info Sites.  I've gotten hosted, but the host has some problems YET to be resolved.
Take a GOOD LONG look at this IDC, because IDC5 is nearing completion.
Also you may notice that the Info Sites are really different.  They're being revamped to match the new IDC format.  Some stuff is currently down from them.
Reconstructing the Info Sites (pt2) - October 20 2002
The remakes of the Info Sites are under way after much procrastination!  I'm revamping the ENTIRE design to be more streamlined and easier to navigate/update.  When used in conjunction with the NEW IDC design, it's even easier to switch around the entire Info Sites & the IDC.
For the time being Story Data will be down on each, but that will be re-added in due time.
Reconstructing the Info Sites (pt1) - October 13 10 2002
The BOTP4 site has been totally reformatted to match the new Info & Data Center style!  Navigation & updating should be 1000% easier!  I'm totally pumped, I created a site where I actually like the design!
For the time being Story Data will be down, but that will be re-added in due time.
NOT the final update! - July 21 2002
Okay, so I lied.  June 10th wasn't the "Final" update.  Lemme clue you in as to why.
First off: BOTP World is history, finis, done, not ever going to take the cake...etc.  I am NOT changing the name from IDC.  Yay!
The Final Update! - June 10 2002
A lot has happened since the last update.  Mostly superficial updates, right up to the point where I accidentally deleted all of the info sites.  All of the info for BOTP 1-3 has been restored from the last back up I had.  So some of the links are still broken.
● BOTP1 had been given a new look prior to the delete, but most of that has been restored.  Some of the pages still need be gone through and fixed still.
● BOTP2 was just given a slight freshening up before the delete.  That will need to be done again, maybe.
● BOTP3 was the least heavily hit.  Aside from some broken links, nothing had changed.
● BOTP4 was hit worst of all.  ALL of the compiled info, what little there was, was lost.  This includes any pics and board images were totally lost if they weren't saved on the board.  On the bright side, this gives me an excuse to completely do a new design!  One of the issues I've run into is that the other staffers didn't know what to do to keep the FrontPage crap from being broken.  So I'm working FrontPage components OUT of the site.
● The Outlaws page is back up in all it's glory!  Damn, I'm still impressed with the logo I did for it.
As I said in the BOTP4 update, I'm working the FrontPage crap out to give the other staffers the ability to make edits without worrying about breaking stuff.  Once I get BOTP4's site finished & updated, I will start work on the other Info Sites.
Also, I have already began work on a completely new design for the IDC.  Take a look at the successor to ye ole IDC: BOTP World, which I have just finished the second prototype on.
Please note: This is in no way the finished product so most of the links won't work properly.
April 02 2002
NO!  You've go to be kidding!  Outerverse, do an update?
Yes it's true.  I gotten off of my lazy ass and actually started to update the BOTP4 Info Site.  So far I have stories up to the Kick-Off up.  More will go up as I progress thought the threads on the board.
March 19 2002
Posted by: The Insane Space Hunter
I've updated the BOTP Chronicles section to include The Adventures of The Insane Space Hunter, Chapter 4. It's also filed as the new Story of the Space Hunter and Oh Heck, instead of that stupid old story I wrote back when we thought the MIFF Space Hunter game was ever gonna take off. Oh, well. But it's changed now, for the better...maybe?
It actually takes up two pages, because Tripod has a size limit on their HTML files, evidently. *shrugs* I guess I write too much. :P
Other than that, I might be poking around, fixing a few typos (insert Hunter kicking Big O a few times for all the goofy mistakes) here and there and there and here... but I won't bother to post an update unless I do something a bit more major.
'Kay? Kay.
March 15 2002
BOTP4 is officially launched!  All stats are up on the BOTP4 Info Site.
February 27 2002
Posted by: The Insane Space Hunter
Well, I'm back, just to post my stats... though the problem is, I can't quite seem to get the included HTML file to work right. Accordingly, I've simply linked to the text-format document for my current stats instead of putting it through the HTML bit... yet.
So my stats are only a text file... but I'll fix that. I just figured I'd put 'em up when I had the chance.
In other words, prelim stats for The Insane Space Hunter (The Glitched Hunter) are up now.
February 27 2002
More overhauling!  This time BOTP2 was given a slight facelift.  Not QUITE as drastic as BOTP1's makeover, but it's noticable.
Prelim stats for Outerverse, The Big Bad Wolf, and Roboster are up for viewing.  BOTP4 Sign up hasn't begun yet, so these are subject to change.
Now you get the idea when I said "I'm not below totally redoing a site's images over and over again." :)
February 23 2002
We're all ready for BOTP4! :)  The info site and rules have been finalized.  So now it's just a matter of starting this sucker up.
I have gone through and given BOTP1's Info Site and Compilation a make over.  They're all nice and pretty now! :)
BOTP3 Update - February 01 2002
Well that should do it for getting up all the BOTP sections.  <G>
Now all that's left to do is get up the rest of the battles and stories. :P
I'm signing off for a while again.  So, if there are any broken links or the like, tell ISH and he'll straighten them out.
January 30 2002
Outerverse here... No I'm not 100% back, but I am able to get on to do some updates more.
You know what happens when I get bored?  I start changing things.  IDC is getting a new look, again.
First off, I've fixed some of the default.htm problems. As it turns out Tripod uses index.htm as the default page. Oh well. I'll try and get some of the other BOTP stuff up.
ISH and I have been addressing the issue of included pages.  Turns out, when he started copying the site from the old server, it merged the included page's code with the current page.  Then I come along and start updating and the whole thing gets buggered.  Oops.  Well most of my update this go around has been fixing those includes.
On another note: Due to TriPod's strict UNIX naming conventions, the board archives for BOTP2 and BOTP3 cannot be put up. ISH and I will have to figure something out.
Well, I'm going to wrap things up for now. If you have MSN, I'll see you online from time to time. :)
January 28 2002
Posted by: The Insane Space Hunter
Well, BOTP4's start date has been moved back, evidently, to 1 March. I've still got the IDC, though Outerverse is back, due to the fact that we are still officially without a server for the site.
I have updated some more material than I thought, having added the final product of the BOTP1 Legacy Recompilation Project, the BOTP1 Compilation. It's the entire BOTP1 story, with all the gaps filled, presented in the form of a novel. Thanks goes to Outerverse, for providing the board, and to me, the assistant editor (and the guy who did all the HTML/image work for the compilation itself).
BOTP itself is living and well... BOTP5's even in the planning stages, and the banner is already being drafted by Outerverse. So, we're going to keep this thing alive and kicking down to the last megabit of data, blast it, and nothing's gonna stand in our way.
Well, not for long, anyway.
This is going to be just about it for me on the new IDC, unless Outerverse (may his sword never get dull, as that would be very anticlimactic) gives me a more active role in the archiving and presenting side of things come BOTP4. I'm also now the unofficial ISH-ifier and King James English editor of the Battle Board, giving FireNexus, Wave Man, and Outey himself more time to do whatever it is they do.
December 03 2001
Posted by: The Insane Space Hunter
Well, first of all, this is The Insane Space Hunter, holding the reigns of the IDC for the first time in more than a year. Outerverse is offline for a while, so I'm holding down the fort and backing up the IDC on my own personal files.
BOTP3's done with, and I'm not going to fool with the board archive... don't QUITE want to go to the trouble right yet. Pending the lateness of Outerverse' return, I might get around to it... hopefully, Wave Man won't bugger with deleting the content of the board until BOTP4 finally rolls around.
I hope not, anyway... don't have the time to download the whole blasted thing anyway.
As for the updates, I fixed the little title of the "BOTP4 Rules" to say BOTP4 rules instead of BOTP3 Rules and I'll be fixing a couple of little typos here and there. Other than that, I'll just mainly be backing things up from here on out; that's what Outerverse wanted me to do.
We wish you a speedy return, Big O...
November 23 2001
Well BOTP3 is now over, all it needs now is an epilogue.  Then I can go about the tasks of doing a final board archive and posting the final stories.
All in all BOTP3 had some problems but the writing was the best yet.  Hopefully BOTP4 will have even better writing, but without the blight of BOTP3.
In other news: The Information & Data Center has a new face!  A new look for a new BOTP!
On a more personal note: Thanks to ISH and WaveMan, there have been some new faces appearing in the "Who's Online?" box from time to time.  I would like to invite them to join us in BOTP4.  The BOTP4 sign up opens on February 1 2002!
November 11 2001
Finally the BOTP3 story archive is up to date.  81 story threads...and it's not quite over yet!
Also, BOTP: Legends has been had the potential to cause too much confusion.
October 19 2001
Latest BOTP3 Board archive is now up.
BOTP has turned 1 Year Old and it we're definitely NOT going to stop there.
October 07 2001
OMG! So many stories!  62 individual threads! But they're all up as of this day.
Also, 3 new BOTP Legends from ISH!  Maybe I need an Info Site for them too.
October 01 2001
Latest board archive is now up.
I'll try to get the stories caught up soon.
September 15 2001
Battles & Stories are caught up.
September 14 2001
Added 1st BOTP3 board archive.
Added links to the info sites for quick navigation.
Added some other things earlier, but I can't remember what.
September 03 2001
New stats for MegaLight X (formerly MST2000).
Gim Sul no longer exists in the MDb World.
September 02 2001
All profiles and stories are up to date.
BOTP3 Day - September 01 2001
The 3rd Battle of the MDb Posters is now under way.
Began to put up character profiles.
August 22 2001
Included Desperation Attacks in the they're off limits as well.
August 10 2001
The Battle Board has been overhauled and is ready for BOTP3!
The new BOTP Rules are up and a sign-up date has been decided!
August 05 2001
Per request, I have put up Sasuke's info from BOTP1 as well as a pic of his character.  (BOTP1 Bio: Sasuke)
Also I've redone the IDC's scheme slightly.
Work has begun on the BOTP3 rules and other related things.
June 27 2001
I hadn't realized that I haven't put back up the archive for BOTP1!  Well, it's up and ready for browsing.
Over 2 weeks since the BOTP2 ended and still haven't finalized the battles & stories pages.  I do, however, have the final Board Archive up and am slowly removing all of EzBoard's crap.
May 22 thru June 02 2001
The BOTP2 is shutting down on June 10, so things have slowed way down.  I'm having to group my updates together!
Site Updates:
> Added all stories.
> Fixed links in the Battle & Story Index.
> Finished Specters of the past
> Added the latest Board Archive, finally.
There will be one final archive after June 10 before WaveMan and I clear out the battle board.
A lot of the players jumped the gun and began posting their stats, so I made up a temporary stat page on the BOTP3 info site.
Back From the Dead - May 11 thru May 22 2001
I'm back and I've been busy with the BOTP2!  I started a saga battle on the board & I've got the Info Site moved.  Also, I have done a redesign of the info site and gotten up all of the battles to today!
Site Updates:
> Moved the info site to it's new home.
> New navigation layout and color scheme.
> All battles and stories up to May 22 are up and ready for viewing.
All I need to do now is get an updated copy of the Battle Board Archive. :P 
An Update at LAST! - April 07 2001
You know, it really suck having a parent in college.  Especially when the class she's taking is an INTERNET CLASS!!!!!!!!!  I'm just now able to get on for an extended amount of time.
Site Updates:
> Board Archive updated.
> Battles soon to be updated.
An Update Completed - March 24 2001
I finally finished the update.  I stared around 9:00PM EST and finished about 3:00AM EST.  Most of that time was spent helping to iron out some things on the Battle Board and trying to help Pokekid figure out why he can't logon to the board.
Site Updates:
> Board Archive update finally completed...I hope.
An Update in Progress - March 23 2001
I have decided to end my search for a web-host that allows the remote loading of images...I've been to about a dozen and all don't allow them.  I will eventually switch over to a domain account with the company I work for (see below).
Site Updates:
> The update of the Board Archive is in progress.
> New look to match the Battle Board.
> Went back to the old navigation may take up more screen space, but you can see everything at once.
TriPod Officially Sucks - March 22 2001
The last week has generally sucked.  First, finals at college and some major cramming...but now it's spring break time for CTC.  Second, TriPod goes and changes their TOS to prohibit remote loading of images (without telling me BTW)!  BASTARDS!  Now I'm in the process of finding a new free host, wish me luck.  If not that...then I'll have to take my boss up on his offer.  If that happens, it will be a while down the road after bills and such, but I'll come out with a domain name, at least 1 domain e-mail address, and scads of space.
In the meantime, here is a massive update!
Site Updates:
> Moved some stuff around.
> Trimmed down the NAV bar & modified the site's navigation slightly.
> Added 6 battles.
> Updated Pokekid's profile w/new height & pics.
The battle begins... - March 10 2001
Finally finished everyone's stats pages.  Now, it the havoc begins!  }:)
Added Characters:
> Insane Space Hunter
Site Updates:
> Moved some stuff around.
> New front page.
Back in control - March 08 2001
I now have a new ezBoard account with my old name.  However, because it is now a new account, I have lost Admin control over the old Info Site Board.
More to come...
SuperJoe & FireNexus - March 06 2001
I had Kej added last time, but I forgot to include him in the Added Characters. :P
Added Characters:
> Kejardon
> Super Joe
> FireNexus
Site Updates:
> Updated the site engine.  The stats and origins have been recombined on one page, but now there are bookmarks for the sections.  Also, I have changed from 2 directories chdata & chorig to 1 directory characters which is broken down in to sub-directories by character.  This makes for a lot easier management of character data, pics, and other info as everyone's stuff is in their own directory.
> Added BOTP2 Battle Board Archive.  It's going to look funky due to broken links and missing images, but all of the current messages are there.  (Updated MAR06)
Addendum: ISH's Return
Insane Space Hunter is also going to be in the battle.  I'll post his data as soon as he posts it on the Battle Board.
Almost GO time! - March 02 2001
Added Characters:
> Max
> Outerverse
> Yamato Man
Site Updates:
> I Broke up the Character Info in to 2 catagories: Stats and Origins.
   Stats are for battle techs, general info, appearance, etc.
   Origins are the stories of how the characters came to be and/or got involved in the BOTP2.
> Reformatted the Stats pages for easier reading.
Danger Lurks - February 27 2001
Now the battle board is jumping!
Added Profiles:
> DamnGlitch
> SimBen 2
> Billy Chilly
> PokeKid86
Mine (Outerverse) is coming...Yamato?  He'll get around to it.
Site Updates:
> I am not going to do a new BOTP1 info site as previously stated...I need all my energies to keep the BOTP2 Info Site up to speed with the BOTP2 Board.
> I changed the font to match the Battle II Board's font.
February 26 2001
Woah!  It's seems as though the cogs in the wheel of progress are spinning.
Now Available:
> CapCom's unedited, well slightly edited, archive of the original Battle.
> ISH's BOTP1 site is has been posted, with just a few adjustments to accommodate Tripod's stupid banners.
> Message Board for the Info Site.
Coming Soon:
A new version of the BOTP1 info cobbled together from bits of CapCom's Archive and ISH's Archive.
February 18 2001
Not much has gone on as far as the Battle II Board goes, so this page is in a state of static preparedness.